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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Each month we highlight a few of the solutions outlined in the Drawdown book. Whenever you consider reversing greenhouse gases from our human lifestyle, there are two primary types of solutions: 1.) Release less CO2/greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and, 2.) Pull CO2 out of the atmosphere. The first involves lowering our carbon footprint and the second is a lot about expanding and protecting plant life (photosynthesis)

This month we are going to finish up five solutions from the Transportation Sector. Each of these solutions is a way of addressing emissions that is already available to us.

#32 Ships: Shipping produces 3 percent of global emissions. Fuel-saving ship design, onboard technologies, and practices can have a sizable impact, because of huge shipping volumes.

#40 Trucks: Road Freight is responsible for about 6 percent of global emissions. Increasing fuel efficiency in both new trucks and existing fleets can significantly reduce emissions.

#43 Airplanes: The airline industry produces at minimum 2.5 percent of emissions, and it is growing. Fuel efficiency measures are on the rise to reduce that impact.

#66 High-Speed Rail: High-speed rail is the fastest way to travel distances between 100 to 700 miles. Compared to driving or flying, it reduces emissions up to 90 percent.

#74 Trains: Most trains are powered by diesel-burning engines. Technology and operations can improve fuel efficiency, and rail electrocution has the potential to provide nearly emissions-free transport.

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